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Letter from the Publisher

June 1, 2022


Uvalde Is Family To Me

I was grief stricken by the massacre of the third and fourth graders at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde Texas.

 Down in the dumps and depressed I lost my never-ending enthusiasm about publishing Syndic.

 At the 11th hour, I  canceled a  San Francisco meeting with a long-time friend,   a visiting professor at Stanford University. I was still too preoccupied and upset about the massacre, I wanted to be left alone and not have to talk about it.

 My friend understood and sent me a note.

 [LeRoy, 40-years ago I observed that our elected representatives were becoming more and more detached from actively promoting policies that dealt with the common good of people, instead they were becoming more responsive to such special interests as the gun lobby, oil companies and international corporations.

 It should not be surprising that we have now come to the point in our country that killing some of our children is deemed acceptable and even justified as the necessary price that sometimes must be paid to represent corporate special interests – not the common good.]

 OMG!  Leave it to an Ivy League academic to sum up our country’s current state of mind without pulling any punches!

 As I thought about what he wrote, it sobered me up.   I stopped feeling sorry for myself and began to think about what I could do to give my Syndic audience an opportunity to tell us what they think about the necessity of preventing gun violence that uses assault rifles to kill our school children, teachers, shoppers, concert and church goers and all others who were gunned down in a mass shooting by an assault rifle.

My Dear Syndic Audience:

 To honor the lives of the 19 third and fourth graders and their 2 teachers who were massacred in Uvalde Texas by the use of an AR-15 style  rifle:

 I ask you:

 Please speak up and tell Syndic Literary Journal what you think!

 Please tell us how to prevent a massacre of school children from happening again!

 Please tell  us what you will do to help to prevent it!

 My personal email address is:  [email protected]

If you prefer to narrate something, please send it as an email attachment.

 Thank You! I appreciate any help you can give me!

 LeRoy Chatfield Publisher Syndic Literary Journal

 (P.S. ~ Time is of the essence, please do not delay – there were a dozen more mass shootings over the Memorial Day Weekend.)































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