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Bios for Authors/Artists Syndic No.9

Bios for Authors/Artists Syndic No.9

Dr. Ada Aharoni is a poet, writer and sociologist, who has published twenty-six books, her two latest poetry collections are: YOU AND I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD, and PEACE POEMS. She is the recipient of several awards including the “British Council Poetry Award,” believing that Bridges of Culture can help to create a world beyond war and violence, she has founded IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (1999): Sites: and

Bev Ainscow is a native Brit who sailed into SF Bay on a freighter in the turbulent 60s and stayed for good. Besides gardening, racquetball, and keeping a journal, she loves to write family limericks, short stories, and poems with a nice cuppa tea on her desk.

Victor Alemán is a multi-media artist. As a photographer he documents the human conditions that he encounters, and worked as the official photographer of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers (1980-1990). (e-mail) [email protected] (websites)

Bill Berkowitz: Born and raised in the Bronx, New York; graduate of Kansas University; Berkeley, California UFW Boycott organizer; co-founder of the DataCenter, a progressive research organization; occasional poet; independent journalist covering right-wing movements since 2000; husband, father and grandfather; and Giants fan since 1951.

Ronald Blubaugh is a volunteer attorney at the Tommy Clinkenbeard Legal Clinic in Sacramento and a member of the Board of Directors of Sacramento Loaves & Fishes. You may contact him at [email protected].

Terence Cannon was a SNCC Field Secretary, editor of “THE MOVEMENT” and anti-war leader in the Sixties, a journalist in the Seventies, a college teacher in the Eighties, and a fiction writer ever since. He lives in Santa Monica.

LeRoy Chatfield, publisher of “Syndic Literary Journal” (, lives in Sacramento CA. In recent years he has published“Farmworker Movement Documentation Project”(; “Easy Essays” (; & Don Edwards Literary Memorial (

Dr. Shruti Das, an associate professor in English at Berhampur University in Odisha, India, has been teaching for 23 years. She is the author of “From Margin to the Centre: A Tony Morrison Reader” (2009) and “Contemporary Communicative English” (2010). Email: [email protected]

Chris Giovacchini Ramirez is a landscape gardener and designer in Sonoma California.. In 2003 he was given the “Poet as Community Leader Award” for extraordinary contribution in supporting poetry in Sonoma. He has a few self-published chapbooks and his work has been published in regional anthologies and other collections. Contact information: [email protected]

Eric D. Goodman is author of Tracks: A Novel in Stories, (Atticus Books, 2011), winner of the 2012 Gold Medal for Best Fiction in the Mid-Atlantic Region from the Independent Publishers Book Awards. He’s also author of, Flightless Goose, a storybook for children. Eric’s on Facebook, Twitter, and

David Gray is a minister, writer, father, and resident of Sonoma, Ca. since 1975. His current publication, Synergy, is in the iTunes bookstore. He is an auto detailer and owner/operator of Great Day’s Auto Works, established in 1985.

J. H. Johns has lived a life “sandwiched” in between a two-room schoolhouse in a place called Erieau, Ontario, and being in NYC on 9-11. In said life there have been successes and failures, wonders and disappointments, loves and betrayals – life and death.

Michael Lee Johnson, a poet from Itasca, Illinois, who lived 10 years in Canada during the Vietnam era, is published in 23 countries, runs four poetry sites, including his website: His published poetry books are available through his site, Amazon.Com, Borders Books, and

Lena Jurikowa, an art designer born in Afrikanda, Russia, who now lives in Germany,  works in stone, bronze, wood and ceramics to create objects; in addition, she is a painter, a graphic artist and creates photo collages. Ms. Jurikowa has exhibited in major museums of  Belarus,  St. Petersburg and Germany.  www.

John-Juan Lara is a second generation San Franciscan of Mexican American descent and a first generation college graduate and PHD. His teaching career includes serving the Christian Brothers of CA for 8 years, and UCLA and UC Irvine for 35 years where he holds the position of Emeritus Assistant Vice Chancellor.

Ernest Lowe has been a committed amateur photographer from junior high school on through his careers in radio and television production, transpersonal counseling, organizational design, and industrial ecology.  He photographed Sri Lanka’s Perahara procession when he was working on an Asian Development Bank project on eco-industrial parks in that country.

Donal Mahoney, a native of Chicago, lives in St. Louis, Missouri. His poetry and fiction have appeared in print and online publications in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Some of his earliest work can be found at:

Paul C. Mann is a stand-up comic- “The Recovering Workaholic”- based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dick Meister, former Labor Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, is co-author of “A Long Time Coming: The Struggle to Unionize America’s Farm Workers” (Macmillan).

Benjamin Mertz, founder and musical director of the Joyful Noise! Gospel Singers, is a native of New Jersey with a background in jazz piano and multilingual sacred music. He is Music Director at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sebastopol and Assistant Music Director at Sonoma Academy, a college preparatory high school.

Anna Maria Mickiewicz, Polish poet and author, lives in London. Her publications include a book of poetry, Dziewanna (1984), a selection of short stories and articles Okruchy z Okrągłego Stołu (Crumbs from the Round Table) (2000) by Norbertinum. She is a member of The Union of Polish Writers Abroad and edits its annual literary magazine, Pamiętnik Literacki.

Aju Mukhopadhyay, Pondicherry, India, is an award winning bilingual poet, author of fiction and non-fiction work and critic. He has authored 30 books and has received several poetry awards, besides other honors from India and abroad.

Kate Mullikin is a public middle school English and art teacher, also an artist, writer and singer. She lives and works in Santa Cruz, Ca., and encourages her students to think, not parrot, and to make the world a better place through art, poetry and positive, creative actions.

Cathy Murphy has been documenting the lives of people and the places they liveand work with her cameras for more than 40 years. In 1975 she left her job at the Santa Barbara News and Review and her studies at Brooks Institute of Photography to march with Cesar Chavez, president of the United Farm Workers, as he led The Thousand Mile March from the U.S./Mexican border to Sacramento.

Dariusz Pacak, living in Vienna-Austria, poet and traveler, a member of several literary arts associations has visited 48 countries and received an Honorary Doctorate of Literature, 2011 (WAAC). Translated in eight languages and widely published, he is an active ambassador for poetry between East and West in his search for truth and meaning through culture’s interior-readings in Poland, China, Taiwan, Austria, Korea, USA, Mongolia, Sweden, Czech Republic.

Glen Pearcy was nominated for an Academy Award in 1975 for his third film, “Fighting For Our Lives”, a feature-length documentary film about the United Farm Worker’s grape strike. Since then he has written, produced and directed dozens of films, including documentaries for PBS and Turner Network Television; films and video programs for labor unions, consumer organizations, environmental groups, government agencies and political organizations; and television and radio spots for public interest groups, foundations, political candidates and commercial clients.

Paul Pera began writing for Syndic under the mentorship of LeRoy Chatfield (then known by his religious name: Brother Gilbert) during his high school years in San Francisco and has since been published in Phoenix (Moraga), Transfer (San Francisco), Poetry Northwest (Seattle), and Choice (Chicago). After a brief respite of 45 years circumnavigating various arts and life experiences, Paul has again taken up the quill and keyboard and returned to his original love: Poetry.

Charles Rammelkamp lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He edits the online journal, The Potomac, In 2012, Time Being Books has recently published his poetry collection, “Fusen Bakudan”, about missionaries in a leper colony in Vietnam during the war.

Morgan Ray loves art and words. For her, poetry combines the best of both worlds. She began writing poetry five years ago and has honed her skills in workshops taught by some of the finest poets in America. She is about to publish her first collection of poems. Morgan lives and works in Sonoma, CA.

Dr.Nandini Sahu is an Associate Professor of English in IGNOU, New Delhi, India. She is a poet, literary critic; is the author/editor of eight books and more than thirty research papers published in India, U.S.A., U.K. and Pakistan. She is a double gold medalist in English literature and the award winner of All India Poetry Contest and Shiksha Rattan Purashkar.

AJ Sanchez who grew up in Parlier CA, a farmworker community located in Fresno County, began his radio career at the age of sixteen  and is now the Creative Services Director for Peak Broadcasting and  the afternoon radio host for station Y101 FM.  AJ is married to Victoria Sanchez and together they have three children: Emilio, Starlet and Evan.

Jesus Sanchez grew up in the 1960s listening to music on his transistor radio while walking the farmworker union pickets lines in the Central Valley of California with his parents. Out of this experience grew his life-long love of music and his fascination with musicology. Jesus Sanchez lives in Parlier CA.

Dr. Itishri Sarangi is presently working in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar (Odisha) as an Assistant Professor in English in the Dept. of Humanities. She is poet, musician and social worker. Dr. Sarangi was also an honorary member of the Juvenile Justice Board (J.J.B) in the SDGM court of Sambalpur. She has various national and international publications to her credit. 

Terry Scott is a former UFW volunteer (1973-1988) and mother of four who lives in Hermosa Beach, California. Her current passions are photography, songwriting, and traveling.

Paul Sequeira was a Chicago-based photojournalist and free lance documentarian for more than twenty years – late 60s to early 90s. Now retired in Pioneer in his home state of California, Paul is publishing his extensive portfolio to make it accessible to the interested public.

Catherine Sevenau happily resides in Sonoma, California. She’s written a family memoir, six books on her family genealogy, and entered over 5,000 ancestors on So many dead, so little time. Two of her genealogy books are on-line: and
Ram Krishna Singh, a poet and university professor, was born and raised in Varanasi, India. Author of more than 150 research articles, 160 book reviews and 36 books, his haiku, tanka and other poems have been translated into Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, German, Romanian and many other languages. www.

Mel Solomon, a professional photographer, has lived in San Francisco’s North Beach since 2004, and focuses primarily on landscape and architecture photography. In years prior, his work took him to many countries within the African Continent, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia where his photographs have been displayed in galleries and museums. Mr. Solomon can be reached at 650-302-4766 or contacted by email at: [email protected] or via his website at:

Rick Tejada-Flores made his first documentary in 1972 during Cesar Chavez’ fast in Arizona.  A long time later he is still making films and trying to make a difference.

Asha Viswas, Professor of English, is a poet, critic and reviewer and has published three collections of poetry. Her poems have been published in a number of European magazines and journals and some of these have been translated into French.

Elaine Whitman is a collage artist, photographer, and haiku poet. She also plays the Native American flute for hospice patients and their families.

Neal Whitman lives in Pacific Grove, California, and in nearby Carmel is a volunteer docent at poet Robinson Jeffers Tor House. He splits his time between Western form and haiku poetry.

Adrienne Wolfert Lovovits, now retired, lives in San Francisco, California. She was a graduate of Barnard College and Vermont College, served as poetry editor for Poet Lore, short story editor for At Home & Abroad, taught writing at Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University and was a columnist for the Connecticut Ledger.

TAKI Yuriko was born in Tokyo Japan and now lives in IBARAKI USHIKU 110 miles from the center of Fukushima nuclear powers, although 15 months after 3/11 radiation level of her area is 60000bq-600000bq/㎡one of hot spots. Ushiku City has started to check for quantity of radiation in the each body of all children from 4 years old to 18 years old. She received many awards for her poetry work, the Honorary Degree of Doctor in Literature .from World Academy of Arts and Culture, Poet Laureate from World Conference of Poets and etc.






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