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Song: “La Paloma” performed by Sarah Taylor Cook

“La Paloma”


Arranged/Performed by Sarah Taylor Cook




The Dove

A song reminds me
of that yesterday
when she silently left,
one afternoon
she went away to another place
taking her sad melody with her,
all that was left as my companion
was my loneliness.

A white dove sings to me
at dawn old melancholies,
things of the soul,
it arrives with
the morning silence
and when I go out to watch it
it flies back home.

Where does it go to?
for it doesn’t want to hear my voice anymore
Where does it go to?
for my life extinguishes
when she’s not by my side.

If she would like to come back
I’d go and wait for her
each day, each early morning
to love her more







Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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