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Poetry: “Persimmon Tree Fukushima Japan” by TAKI Yuriko

“The Persimmon Tree In Winter”

Written/Narrated by TAKI Yuriko



The Persimmon Tree In Winter

                     By TAKI Yuriko


Translated by John & Deborah Saxon


The persimmon tree in every Japanese farmyard —

Even when untended,

Its branches all bear

Many ripe, sunset-colored fruits

Every fall.

It is a quintessential Japanese scene.


During a pause in the fall harvest, the persimmons are gathered,

And hung from the eaves to dry.

They make classic homemade sweets for the long winter.


As autumn closes,

The persimmon trees drop all their leaves.

Black and bare,

They enter into their time of sleep.


This winter is different.

In the enforced evacuation zone,

The unharvested persimmons remain on the branches.


Like large flowers in full bloom,

They sparkle in the

Unpeopled, pure white, snowy landscape.


These ripened persimmons show where

The Japanese government drew its line

Around the unseen radioactive fallout.



Authors/Artists Bios

TAKI Yuriko was born in Tokyo Japan and now lives in IBARAKI 110miles from the center of Fukushima nuclear powers, although 8 months after 3/11 radiation level of her area is 60000bq-600000bq/㎡- one of the hot spots. She has received many awards for her poetry work, an Honorary Degree of Doctor in Literature from World Academy of Arts and Culture, Poet Laureate from World Conference of Poets, etc.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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