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by K.V. Dominic





Crow, the Black Beauty

Crow, the commonest bird in the world;
cleaner of kitchen garbage;
has seldom been sang
in praise by the poets.
The poets hail cuckoo, skylark, nightingale.
Parasite cuckoo lays her eggs
in compassionate crow’s nest.
Unfortunate crow feeds cuckoo’s chicks;
yet crow is not lauded
and cuckoo is extolled.
Crow’s counterpart dove;
icon of love and innocence.
Why is white attractive
and black disgusting?

When will “crow-crow” be
pleasing as “koo-koo”?
When will the Black be
kindred to the White?
When will the Black and the White
dwell in the same house
and dine from the same plate?
When will we behold God’s creation
with impartial eyes
and find His beauty in all forms?



God Is Helpless

The congregation wailed
after their parish priest:
“God, save us
from this extreme heat;
save us from the drought;
Merciful and Almighty God,
grant us rain,
and save our land.”
Suddenly heard
a sound from above:
“I am helpless,
my beloved children.
I did supply
whatever you needed;
The same I gave
to all non-human beings;
I created the earth,
an oasis for men,
animals and plants;
unlike others,
you are selfish to the core;
despite your reason,
you are a nincompoop;
who will axe
the branch he sits?
How will you survive
without plants and trees?
You get rains
since trees are there;
where are the forests
which blocked the clouds?
The sun is the same;
its heat is the same.
Who told you to emit
toxic gas and defile
the sky, pure and clear?
Your wells are dry,
Rivers are dry;
I am not responsible.
You have dug your grave,
And what am I to do?
Petitions come to me
one after another
from plants and animals.
All complain of
your cruelty and torture:
they have no food;
they have no water;
they have no shelter;
and not even air.
They plead me
to call you back;
save their lives,
and thus save the planet.
Kindly tell me, children,
what shall I do.”

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