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Poetry & Reading by Adrienne Wolfert

Poetry / Reading

by Adrienne Wolfert



“Grief is a Glass”

Grief is a glass that we become transparent,
What happens batters playfully against
Looks thru to when and then withdraws to ever,
To contemplate unmannered while unmoving.
The pane of us seen through has no distortion
Till slowly in the heat of light relentless
The mist of breath obscures, the pure glass wavers,
There are the flaws of living, new reflections
Are glittered back, a strange dimension added;
The surface forms and softens there is shape.
The crystal soul no longer, frozen, stirs,
And what stood to be shattered, yet was smooth
To turn aside the little’s that destroy,
Now fully pliable, must know response,
Forget eternity, remember pain.


“The Reservoir”

I met you here, or did I dream it all ,
Because I needed dreams more than daylight.
Our time was urgent, set on an alarm,
And so we spoke with deeper voices
As if our secret selves, waiting all along,
Embraced each other.
I’ve known a man a lifetime long
Who never spoke that way, nor I
To him. You said,

I have six months. That’s all. The rest’s
A sleigh ride.
Your Dalmatian snuffled leaves,
His tail whipped my legs,
I wanted you to touch me, take my hand
And say, I need you. But you didn’t

Touch me or need me. You said,
It’s up to you, How do you answer
In a dream? Your mouth doesn’t work.
I’s not what you intend. The voice
That answered, I had never heard before.


“White Sunset”

White as the snowcap
of Kilimanjaro.
As beaches off islands
As ashes of Pompeii
White as wine

The cows line up
Bulging clouds
On the horizon
Ears pale as moth wings
Eyes glistening pearl

They drift
To the

White as the milk
They yearn to the pail

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