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Narration: “An Elegy To My Father” by Catherine (Clemens) Sevenau

“An Elegy To My Father”

Written & Narrated by Catherine (Clemens) Sevenau



In the late 1990’s I did some personal growth work around my father, and from that work I wrote “An Elegy To My Father”, a sort of “what’s so” letter, which I narrate below.

My family split apart when I was quite young and I no longer lived with my dad, living a few early years with my mother, then my sister raising me from the 5th grade until I left for college. But I spent summers with Daddy, working alongside him in his store, and then lived near him with children of my own in Santa Rosa until the time of his death. I loved him dearly but didn’t seem to know him that well. I got to know him better after he died, when I wrote a memoir about our family. I wished I’d known then what I know about him now.

We talked, but not about anything that might give rise to any feelings. But that was common for the day—and—we are German. I’m not so sure he would have liked the book (parts of it anyway), but I would have loved to have heard his version of our lives, though I don’t think it would have changed the outcome of the memoir. He’s been gone a while now, but you can meet him here. 

– Catherine Sevenau

“An Elegy to My Father: Carl John Clemens”



Born: Sept. 25, 1905 – Died: Sept. 16, 1986





CARL CLEMENS / October 7, 1967

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Catherine Sevenau resides in Sonoma, California. She’s written a family memoir, six books on her family genealogy, and entered nearly 4,000 ancestors on So many dead, so little time. Her genealogy books will be on-line, the first is at:


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