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Amour Fou

Written In English by Pelin Batu

 Narrated by Bill Wolak


Little have I taken

your weakness with its moons

your sleekness with its weeds

putting myself to sleep with the one thought

that I will speak, thereby conquering you.

Pinkly thanks to the mosquitoes of high Summer

I’m sleepless, rewriting you

in the same phrases.


Envious of the man who sings

‘when the sun comes I shall be beautiful.’

And of those who carry themselves boldly

into the heart of volcanoes.


Perhaps, as you fade from my lines

I will sail,

la donna i mobile, with wet hair.









Pelin Batu is a Turkish poet, actor, and writer currently living in Istanbul. She has published five books of poetry, produced many works of translation, and made numerous cinema films and TV shows.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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