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The Memory of the White Staircase

Written by Julio Pavanetti

Translated from the Spanish by Annabel Villar and Gabriela Pavanetti

Narrated by Bill Wolak


I feel like I was happy on that rooftop

and on the white concrete staircase

that warmed the days of my childhood.


I used to let the longest hours

of summer evenings die

while I was lying on the last step

of the white staircase

with youth adventure books

and I dreamed and I dreamed…


There is always a memory hidden

within another memory,

a memory that confuses

truth with imagination,

although it is known that every truth

always has fringes of lies.


Sometimes I run away from myself

taking refuge in those memories

of my childhood.

I do not want to appeal to that easy remedy

to blame the years, the elapsed time,

because the same time that has passed

exalts the range of memory.


Why do I remember that staircase?

Why do I remember that rooftop?

Is it that memories are chosen?


I close my eyes and realize that

those memories are like a new childhood

which returns with all its innocence,

as if it would start life again,

that exultant deed of discovering the world.


Julio Pavanetti, a Uruguayan/Spanish poet and cultural promoter, is founder and President of the international poet’s association “Liceo Poético de Benidorm;” Director of “Azul” poetry collection Enkuadres Publishers, Spain; Director of the International Poetry Festival “Benidorm & Costa Blanca;” Associate Academic and Honorary Member “American Academy of Modern Literature;” and member of the “Association of Spanish Writers and Artists.” He has published eleven books of poetry. Many of his poems have been translated into 26 different languages. He received many national and international literary prizes, recognitions and awards for his work.
Gabriela Pavanetti, author’s daughter, is an English philologist, a bilingual Spanish and English translator and a secondary school teacher in the city of Leeds, United Kingdom.
Annabel Villar hails from Montevideo, Uruguay. She is a poet and cultural activist who is a founding member Liceo Poetico de Benidorm; Associate Academic and Honorary Member American Academy of Modern Literature; Director of the “Azul” Poetry Collection and International Poetry Festival “Benidorm & Costa Blanca”;  and founding member of the Student Academy of Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Chair No. 6 “Gabriela Mistral”). Her works include: Viaje al Sur del Sur (2015), Cantar la Vida (XVI Provincial Poetry Prize of Aspe, Alicante, 2015), Meditación (bilingual Spanish-English, 2017) and Claustrofobia & Vértigo  (bilingual Spanish-English, 2018).
María Juliana Villafañe is a Puerto Rican poet, narrator, screenwriter, playwright, translator, and composer of popular music. He has published Aires de Tormenta, Dimensiones, Volar Sin Alas, Entre Dimensiones, Aurora y sus Viajes Intergalácticos, and Dimensiones en el Amor. He translated the books Usina de Dolor / Foundry of Pain by the Peruvian poet Antonio Cillóniz de La Guerra. National Poetry Prize, Peru 2019 and Al Roce de la Piel Callada / At the touch of a Silent Flesh by the Uruguayan poet Julio Pavanetti, 2018. (Winning book of the 1st Prize of the XVI Poetry Contest “Ayuntamiento de Aspe” “Bliblioteca Rubén Darío” Aspe, Spain 2015).


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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