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Written by Rajesh Pandya

Translated from the Gujarati by Dileep Jhaveri

Narrated by Bill Wolak


Without birds

Without movement

Without wind

Without sense

Without love


Rajesh Pandya teaches at MS University, Vadodara, India. He is a leading poet of the postmodernist generation with a deep study of Mythology and Sanskrit Epics and poetry. He has done research in medieval poetry and folk literature in Gujarati. He has also published many leading research articles and critical studies. Invited by the Central Sahitya Akademi, Delhi, and many Universities and Institutions, he has travelled widely in India. His poems have been translated into several languages.
Dileep Jhaveri is a practicing general physician based in Mumbai and a well-known Gujarati poet and playwright. He has published several collections of poetry in Gujarati. Recently, he has published three books of poetry in the United States, Once This Mist Clears (2014), Fire Writes in Several Scripts (2015), Magic and Miracles (2017), as well as a group of non-fiction essays entitled The House of Three Widows all done by The New Feral Press. His latest translation is titled Breath Becoming a Word: Contemporary Gujarati Poetry in English Translation published by Sahitya Akademi Ahmedabad.




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