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The Heart of the Earth is on Fire

Written by Leokadia Komaisko

Translated from the Polish by the Poet

Narrated by Bill Wolak



Evening by the fireplace . . .

The heart of the Earth is on fire.

Willing to go to worlds

better. And here is time

with no entry.

Scooter and swing.

On the one hand, nothing.

And on the other—everything.

Evening. Fire. Heart. Mother.


Leokadia Komaiszko is a poet, writer, journalist, artist-photographer, editor-in-chief and creator of the magazine Letters from Far. She is a Lithuanian writer with Polish roots, an author of poetry books in Polish and French and of reportage books about the fate of Poles outside Poland. She is the co-founder of the Polish Culture Salon in Chênée, Belgium. She has been living in Belgium for many years










Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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