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Where I’m From

By  Kaley Vides


I’m from ocean waves and medical tests.

From the high grasslands of the country of eternal springs.

I am from a gorgeous colorful garden surrounding a dead lemon tree

filled with confusion and desperation. 

From Roses, Daisies, and Birds of Paradise.

I am from Virgin Marys and long dull Masses. 

From Nativity scenes and festive Christmases

made up of family, friends, and laughter surrounded

by the familiar booming sound of exploding fireworks.

I’m from weakness that is my disease and also strength that is my spirit.

I’m from the yin and the yang that is my family. 

From the coldhearted and the neglecters.

From the kind and the caring.

I’m from pain and suffering from a broken up family.

I’m from courage and optimism derived from a land that is free and a land where opportunity is unending.

I’m from love and affection given to me by four mesmerizing guardian angels.

This is where I’m from.



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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