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Poetry by Ram Krishna Singh


by Ram Krishna Singh



Searching mother
in the thickening dark:
the tree stands

through the twilight
hear the bridge I cross with
creaking bones

wheeze December
in lonely drizzles:
sun’s last glow

measure wisdom
to unknow, now lower gaze
and look within

the heart’s rhythm:
dust smells beneath the feet
above the head


We chase myths in self-made Amazon
fish turtles that change color in new waters

we create landscape of nightmares and wade through
anacondas that threaten our confidence

lost in the jungles of our own making
we beat about thorny grasses now

look for the twin flames for convenience
cloud judgment and reality for control

challenge the Republic and divide
the defense that could never be


Walking in the once

familiar street this evening

I feel foreign

the dust seems known

but people are unknown, missing

the urgency of the past

the traffic goes on.

There’s no marriage for me

I’m lost in the procession.

They all have matches

who cares my daughter is married

or not. I am here just for

the ritual of relationship

suffering yet another stasis

there’s no miracle

in the flash of darkness

nor any music

in whatever vibrates

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