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Poetry by Ra.Janakiraman


by Ra. Janakiraman



An education that aims at
High salaried jobs and luxuries alone

An economic system that lets
Rich become richer and poor remain poor

A political system that fails
To give honest and clean administration

A type of industrial development
That destroys nature’s equilibrium

A kind of scientific outlook
That is indifferent to human wisdom

Have made a social system
That makes man run like a locomotive

Children are brought up
And made to run like race horses

Birds and animals without sixth sense
Live with lesser stress and strains

If comforts of economic prosperity
Are let to outweigh ecological sensibility
And very dear inter-personal sensitivity
At the cost of man’s liberty and spirituality
Whether Man’s sixth sense is his specialty
Or a kind of bad curse on him really!!


Countries are no more isolated units
For what one country does hurt others.
In the health of our mother Earth
Remains all our health and wealth .

The Tsunami that devastated Indonesia
Could be due to a Nuclear test held elsewhere.
The large levels of CO2 created by some one
Could have been the reason for Katrina.

No country can boastfully claim that
What it consumes is its birthright
No country can act in arrogance
For in their arrogance is their decadence.

Let all countries remember that-
For all of them there are two Poles only
And melting polar ice can inundate ruthlessly.

Let all big powers remember-
Many broken monuments excavated in rubbles
Are remnants of once arrogant Empires.


Even after a financial tsunami
Many Americans hold in reverence
Under the spell of “Isms” Mania
That Capitalism is still the best.

Communism that failed Soviet Union
Is still going strong in China:
Both capitalism and communism
Have tasted successes and failures.

Both communists and capitalists
Claim superiority of their “isms”
And consider each other as rivals
Ignoring history’s good lessons.
It is wiser for all to assimilate
What is nice and good in all “isms”
And avoid addiction to “isms”

Nurturing of Individuals’ aspirations
In all types of capitalistic models
And collective social responsibility
Advocated in communist theories
And the very great immortality
Of the deep and subtle spirituality-
All have their unique merits.

To me, one without the other two
In a way is miserably incomplete,
A well balanced outlook is the best.

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