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Letter From The Publisher by LeRoy Chatfield

Letter From The Publisher

Welcome to Syndic No.4.

In the 1960s, Halina Poswiatowska – Polish poet and graduate of Smith College – was known as the “poet of love”. As life would have it, she passed away in 1967 at the age of 32 years.

The original Syndic Literary Journal, founded 1958 in San Francisco, passed away after its fifth issue – March 1960. Fifty years later, Syndic was resurrected as an online multimedia literary journal designed to showcase the work of talented authors/artists both at home and abroad.

I dedicate Syndic No. 4 to the “poet of love,” Halina Poswiatowska, in the hope her poetry will be rediscovered – resurrected, if you will – and enjoyed online by a new worldwide audience.

I wish to thank Dariusz Pacak – poet and irrepressible world traveler – for introducing me to Halina’s poetry and for serving as Syndic’s international ambassador-at-large. Because of Dariusz, Syndic No.4 showcases the work of authors/artists from Poland, Germany, Taiwan, India, Japan and Austria.

Take your time! this issue contains 42 chapters. Browse through to see what interests you and come back to visit often. You will not be disappointed.

The next issue – Syndic No. 5 – will be published December 1, 2011. (The submission deadline is November 1st). Early submissions are highly recommended.

To make a submission,  please send to: [email protected]

For a free online subscription to Syndic (no registration required) please email: [email protected].

To contact the publisher,  please email: [email protected]

Have a nice Friday,

LeRoy Chatfield / Publisher

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