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Haiga: Photographs + Haiku by Elaine & Neal Whitman


Photographs by Elaine Whitman

Haiku by Neal Whitman

Spring Haiga 1

still life

parking space for two

spring excursion

Spring Haiga 2

garden gallery stroll

the in-between season

open and attentive

Summer Haiga 1

dry spell

fresh out of ideas

washed ashore

Summer Haiga 2


on a tall ladder

dripping paint

Authors/Artists Bios

Elaine Whitman is a collage artist, photographer, and haiku poet. She also plays the Native American flute for hospice patients and their families. Neal Whitman lives in Pacific Grove, California, and in nearby Carmel is a volunteer docent at poet Robinson Jeffers Tor House. He splits his time between Western form and haiku poetry.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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