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London Crossfigured

Narrated by Tony Dawson


                  creeping with trams
         and the artists on sundays
                                        in the summer   
   all ‘tracking Nature’
                               in the suburbs
                could have been anyplace   
                         but it wasn’t
                              It was
                                                and when someone shouted over
that they had got a model
                                  I ran out across the court
                     but then
                                 when the model started taking off
                her clothes
                                 there was nothing underneath
                                                                           I mean to say   
    she took off her shoes
                                     and found no feet   
                  took off her top
                                          and found no tit
                                                under it
                  and I must say she did look
                                                          a bit
                         just standing there
                              looking down
                        at where her legs were
         But so very carefully then
                                                she put her clothes back on   
and as soon as she was dressed again
                      she was completely
                                                 all right
                Do it again! cried someone
                                                       rushing for his easel
                But she was afraid to
                                           and gave up modelling   
            and forever after
                         slept in her clothes


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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