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Syndic No.38 ~ What Would Be My Life

What Would Be My Life?

Written/Narrated By Southern California Poet Dean Okamura

What if… my grandparents stayed in Japan.
Never traveled to America.
Had I been born here.
What would be my life?
Different no doubt.
Yet, looking out the window, I felt my different lives would intersect.
That I would sit in this same Starbucks, Hakata Station, Fukuoka, Japan.
At the same phase of my life.


Looking behind me to read the signage:
— The tireless pursuit of all things coffee
— Pour your heart into it
Yes. Life has its pursuits; its time to pour out one’s heart.


But now… nice to feel content.
Watch the world walk by.
Take a break.
Enjoy the moment.


(Starbucks, Hakata Station, Fukuoka, Japan (2017))


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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