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Syndic Literary Journal

Regime Truths

Written/Narrated By Baltimore Writer Richard Baldwin Cook

I love you

No big deal

How are you

How do I look

I’m past all that

I didn’t mean it

You asked for it

Do what you like

With all my heart

Let’s just start over

It won’t happen again

Tell me what you think

We are in this together

It doesn’t matter to me

Let me run this by you

That’s not what I mean

That’s not what I meant

It’s not about the money

You can tell me anything

You can tell me everything

I would never do that to you

Nothing can come between us

You know me better than that

The kids come first, like always

You have my complete support

Don’t know what came over me

That’s the most important thing

He doesn’t mean anything to me

Let’s try it and see what happens

She doesn’t mean anything to me

I would never hold that against you



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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