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For Lac-Megantic, Quebec

Written/Narrated By Salem State University Poet Kristine Doll

For Lac-Mégantic, Québec


Death rolled down a hill

in the middle of the night

silent as snowfall

while everyone was sleeping

and dispatched an entire town.


Disguised as a train

freight loaded with flammables

it gave no time for

goodbyes, no second chances

no moment for contrition;


Metal against stone,

an apocalyptic blow


wood and glass, bone and muscle

mothers, fathers, children, pets.


A supernova

of destruction hurtling through

oblivion and

out the other side, shockwaves

of cause and fatal effect.


Did Death have a map?

Were routes surveyed, plans made, an


built upon human error,

failing brakes, poor choices?


A detour, perhaps,

from another locale made

to wait, unaware

of its reprieve seven miles

down track, where Death burned the night.


                                    -Kristine Doll






Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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