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Guatamala Mayan Children

By Los Angeles Photographer Victor Aleman

[Part of my Indigenous People Anthology]


Victor Aleman writes:

“I thank God for the gift of observation of the human condition. This simple ability to look at people with compassion has led to my life as a visual artist. My responsibility as an artist is to document the most vulnerable people that I encounter in my life and to share those images with the world. I believe that we need to contribute to the better of the human race as we are all connected in this celestial universe and we have the responsibility to uplift the human condition to a higher plateau and to inspire our future generations to live a productive and meaningful life. My contribution is to share what I see with the world with the hopes that it will spark compassion and bring people closer to this harmony.” 

Group – 2


Self-Portrait by Victor Aleman


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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