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“The Last Words”

To: Authors, Artists, Readers, Friends, Colleagues &  Supporters

Fr: LeRoy Chatfield  ~  Founder & Publisher Syndic Literary Journal 

This  10th Anniversary Syndic Issue has been many years in the making.  I am most  grateful  to have lived long enough to create and share with you this personal milestone that means so much to me. I know full well there will never be a 20th Anniversary Syndic issue, so this double-sized issue will have to suffice.

I leave you with a homeless blessing  that best expresses my gratitude to all of you ~ Thank you!  God Bless you! You saved my life!


♦       ♦       ♦         ♦          ♦        



R.I.P.    Memorial Page  ~  Syndic Literary Journal

 Syndic Authors/Artists   2010 ~ 2020

Francisco Garcia: Singer/Songwriter / Delano Farmworker Striker

Paul Sequeira: Photographer / Friend

Don Edwards: Writer / Poet / High School Classmate & Best Friend

Glen Pearcy: Filmmaker / Friend & Colleague

Rev. John V. Moore: Writer / Friend & Colleague

John Kouns: Photographer / Friend & Colleague

Jon Lewis: Photographer/ Friend & Colleague

Jena Jurikowa: Poet / Artist / Sculptor /Writer

Juan Lara: Poet / Narrator / Friend & Former Student

Rudolph Najar:  Science Fiction Writer/ Friend/ Colleague

Dick Meister: Labor Writer

Abraham Henselyn: Poet

Adrienne Wolfert Lovovits: Poet

Donal Mahoney: Writer

David Averbuck (AKA Jelly Roll Justice) / Attorney / DJ / Friend & Colleague


(Note: If I missed listing a literary contributor who is deceased, it is only because I have had no notice of their passing. If notified, I will add them to this memorial list).









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