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Syndic No.37 ~ Rasha Mansour

On the edge on insanity

By Palestinian Poet Rasha Mansour

Narrated by Anne Chatfield


What if I throw out my x-iphone , my mac and my crippling digital life .

What if I climb a tree and sit there all day.

What if I tie messages to balloons and let them go .

What if I sit on a train with no destination in mind and just watch people.

What if I drive a car at top speed , open the window and scream without sound .

What if I go to an Iranian restaurant and order Israeli food .

 What if I go to a funeral and tell jokes .

Throw eggs and tomatoes against the wall .

Watch the sun to see if it moves .

Climb the walls , walk on water , jump up and down .

What if I write letters to everyone I hate and tell them exactly how I feel about them

What if I pull the snoopy woman’s hair.

What if I water those enemies to see if they grow.

What if I say NO to everything for a day

 What if i refuse to quarantine , to wear a mask and sway with Covid-19





tomorrow .


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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