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KAT LO RES 01Artist Kat Kleinman


Publisher Notes – How To Create Flower Collages

(1) take iPhone photographs of flowers in the neighborhood;

(2) edit and print the photographs ;

(3) cut out each flower in the photograph;

(4) if necessary, sketch a flower vessel on art board;

(5) assemble and paste the cut flowers into a collage arrangement on the art board;

(6) spray paint with crystal clear enamel;

(7) frame the art piece or not.


Artist Statement

“I am passionate about taking flowers from the garden

and photographing them in the best way possible

to allow their beauty to transfer to my art”


Second Chance

15 Second Chance



03 Purple


Victorian Valentine

05 Victorian Valentine



 11 Menorah



14 Confidence



08 Sunrise


Aquarium Vase

12 Aquarium Vase


Flower Parfait

10 Flower Parfait


The Gift

13 The Gift



01 Summer


Asian Vase

04 Asian Vase


The Album Cover

09 The Album Cover


The River

07 The River



06 Jubilee


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