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Despedida Cesar Chavez

Song & Lyrics By Francisco Garcia



English Lyrics

Friday in April—23
in the year ‘93
Cesar Chavez passed away
From this world
he has departed

Spread your wings dove and fly
through the mountains and valleys
Over there atop the mountains
Cesar Chavez now rests

We will always remember you
honorable midst staunch people
You attain your mission brother
with the great “Plan of Delano”

You can now be found resting
where great ones are seated
Kennedy, Villa and Zapata,
Martin Luther King and Gandhi

From beyond they are watching us
fighters for justice
And they are vigilantly guarding
that we continue in the struggle

We continue the same cause
That Chavez taught us
To fight for justice
The struggle has not ended

Cesar Chavez did not die
Keep him in your heart always
The truth of his words
Yes it can be done; yes it can be done

The birds sing to him in Keene
Among the groves and rocks
Cesar Chavez now rests
within his rose garden

Chavez is now resting
Surrounded by verdant hills
That is what God Eternal willed
That he be with Him in heaven

(translated by Abby Rivera 02/05)


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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