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Publisher’s Note

Poet Anna Maria Mickiewicz ~ a longtime literary contributor to Syndic Literary Journal ~   was awarded the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity by the Republic of Poland for her activities in the democratic opposition in the Independent Students Association and in the Intercollegiate Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners.

As part of the award ceremony, Ms. Mickiewicz read her poem ~ December the Thirteenth ~ about the time of Martial Law in Poland in 1981.

“I dedicate this poem, especially its ending, to fighting for free Belarus.” ~ AMM


December the Thirteenth

By London Poet Anna Maria Mickiewicz

Translation by Tom Wachtel

Narration by Stan Mickiewicz

Defiantly taut lips

For how long?

Steam drifts from the forest ponds

Towards a faraway home

Smoke obscures the view

A crumbling world order

Cries out for help


The voice of The Subversive faltered and fell

Its spirit-scented essence


Touched by the winds of history like an old wardrobe

Yellow slips of paper under my fingers

Remind me of nothing

All I feel

is the harsh cold

of meaning


Another empire topples, just like that

Not even slips of paper any more







Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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