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By NFWA Photogrpaher Jon Lewis


The 300 Mile March To Sacramento

The Delano Grape Strikers March For Their Rights


We marched to Sacramento to secure a better life for our grandchildren . . .


75 Farmworkers Were Chosen To Begin The 300 Mile March . . .


Along With Our Flags, We Carried Our Lady Of Guadalupe . . .


Farmworkers From Other Communities Joined Our March . . .


Day By Day The March Grew Larger . . .



And LARGER . . .


Every Evening We Held A Rally For Farmworkers And Supporters . . .


Finally!  On Easter Sunday We Arrived At The Capitol . . .


Along With 10,000 People Who Supported Our Cause . . . !

 Thank You!


A Note From The Publisher

The California State Fair began in 1854 and for the first time in its history, it is  publicly honoring California farmworkers who have labored for generations to create the state’s 43 billion dollar agricultural industry. Such official and public recognition is long, long overdue!  How can you celebrate California Agriculture without honoring those who do the work?

In the spirit of the 2017 California State Fair, this Syndic chapter – “Farmworkers March For Their Rights ∼ 1966  ” honors the farmworkers of 1966 who marched 300 miles to the State Capitol Building to fight for their right to organize and to be recognized  and treated  as human beings including the right to be a paid a just wage for their back breaking work!




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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