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Syndic No.35 ~ Easy Essays No.10 “Cover Page”

Syndic No.35


November 2020


Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Easy Essays No. 10

Photo by LeRoy Chatfield ~ Light House Rainbow, Kauai


Truman Days

A Boycott Story

Local Government Corruption

Eulogy For Sister Maria Fitzgerald

The True Believer

Chewing Up And Spitting Out Volunteers

Long Time, No See

Legislation Vs. Movement

Writing For My Grandchildren

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Submission  Notice To Syndic Authors/Artists


The first 2021 issue of Syndic  Literary Journal  will be published March 2021. 

I invite all regular Syndic Authors/Artists ~ and any NEW Authors/Artists –

to make a submission for this March  2021 issue.


All submissions must be received prior to February 15, 2021.


 I ask authors & artists to select topics important to them.


The world as we knew it has been turned upside-down, 

chaos reigns supreme, and if there is a future, who knows what it will be?


~  LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher







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