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Loaves & Fishes 25th Anniversary

May 9, 2008

By LeRoy Chatfield

The banker asked: What is the Loaves & Fishes business plan? 

 Loaves & Fishes replied: We rely on God’s providence to recruit enough volunteers to do the work and to inspire people whom we do not know – and likely will never meet – to send us enough money to pay our bills.

 The banker replied: that is not a business plan, that is a miracle!

 The banker is half-right: It is a miracle, in fact, it is a 25-year miracle, but it is also the formal business plan adopted by the board of directors during its founding years.

 Loaves & Fishes neither solicits nor accepts government money. It does not sponsor fundraising events, sell raffle tickets, solicit door-to-door or sell candy.

 Loaves & Fishes does not seek out, or cater to the wealthy because they have money, nor does it publicly trumpet a donation because it may be large, or downplay a donation because it may be small. It does not set or announce fundraising goals, nor does it suggest to donors a recommended amount they should contribute.

 Instead, Loaves & Fishes relies on what the board of directors call: The Bank of Faith.

 Through the monthly appeal letter –  hat in hand, begging cup extended as far out as it will reach – Loaves & Fishes solicits donations from the community-at-large. It reaches out to everyone who cares about the plight of the homeless and the hungry.

 Loaves & Fishes makes known the needs of the poor with the sincere hope that God will provide for them.

 Loaves & Fishes is the largest ecumenical organization in Northern California. A thousand volunteers a month come onto the campus to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless of our community.

 Volunteers from every culture – race – color – creed – national origin – sexual preference. Volunteers  from every walk of life – from every political party – from every religion, – or from no religion. These volunteers set aside all personal differences and any cultural barriers in order to bind themselves together through an over-riding desire to help the homeless and hungry in our community.

 We believe the Gospel miracle of the Loaves & Fishes will continue in Sacramento until every hungry person is fed and every homeless person is housed.

 To the volunteers and donors present this evening – and to the several thousand friends and supporters who are not – Loaves & Fishes believes you were called and sent to us by God’s providence to serve the poor.

 On behalf of the guests of Loaves & Fishes whom you have helped, let me say: Thank You!  &  God Bless You!




















Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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