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   COVID-19   Poems

By  Ram Krishna Singh, India



corona virus–


some say it’s invasion

the barbarian without



I clear my throat

behind the face mask

breathe in unknown viruses

suffer new repressions


now lockdown

cut off life:


Hugo said monasticism

resisting death



            1. NAW RUZ IN LOCKDOWN


The sun and cool breeze

betray no virus:


the house arrest sickens

the fear kills the spring


this Naw Ruz alters

the meaning of life


buried in years that gibe

political follies


fanatic ambitions

and culture of suicide


they call evolution

progress, peace, unity


ruining harmony

in nature’s home fuel


no re-creation

but perpetual death



            1. NEW GODS



future uncertainties

beyond crisis


new strains, new virus

villains of the new order

peeking from windows


create new mantras

for life to continue

envision no gods



            1. BEFORE THE MIRROR


Stand naked

before the mirror

see changes

from top to toe

a tragic tale:


loosened muscles

stretch marks on the knees

vericose veins

and a long journey

from eyes to anus


itching, bleeding

swelling, aching and


with fears in restroom

bedroom, car, airplane


the virus haunts

from tummy to temple

issues have me

coming and going

yoga or no yoga


it’s not ageing

but undying sensations

feelings I peel

to stay synced with energies

that play not with one but two


to define love

rescue the self and other

make room for truth

far from the fetishes

in the maze of mad pursuits



            1. UNLOCKDOWN-I


The deity may hear

or not hear the loud praise

and silent sighs

the temple dust is not free

from the virus in the air


devotees carry

without God’s wish suffer

sins not committed:

quarantined in hospital

alone for fourteen days




            1. UNLOCKDOWN-II


Women and children

crossing the flooded huts

with aluminum

cooking pots, plastic cans

and remains of provisions

seek shelter on trees

none know when these too will

collapse and drift down the stream

like the living space

with men in underwear



            1. SIX TANKA


in the air

I expected romance–


avoid her kiss

and breathing too





their exploring gaze

veiled women

with colors, patterns

and seismic movement





reading the astral transit

ceaseless lockdown

over sanitized hands

playing “Stairways to Heaven”




voiceless friends

in aloneness of the room

unread books

human’s unseen plenum

my sympathetic nerves




the rivers

decayed into sewers

revive in lockdown:

no plastic bottles, no bags

and fishes swim near the banks



my vests couldn’t dry

on the clothesline today

the rain’s music

turns different from the sun’s

I hear the hum in my hair


–Ram Krishna Singh



Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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