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Thinning The Herd


Jennifer Lagier

“A community achieves herd immunity against a certain disease when a high enough proportion
of people are immune to the pathogen that causes it, either because they have been vaccinated
or because they have previously been exposed.” – Newsweek

Three days into self-quarantine, a meme

showing one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse

hoarding toilet paper no longer brings laughs.

Grocery stores ration hand sanitizers, water

as panic buying runs off the rails.

Public schools and offices close.

Community events are cancelled/rescheduled.

Social distancing is the new reality

in entertainment venues and gyms.


IMPOTUS III flaunts his exposure

to coronavirus-19, refuses to lay low

or be tested, holds a series

of increasingly deranged press conferences

where journalists have their temperatures checked

prior to admittance, mics cut if they ask questions

that highlight incompetence.


Trumpanzis claim it’s all a hoax,

defy CDC warnings, ridicule prudent instructions

on wearing masks to stay safe.

The rest of us remain home, welcome free time

as we observe pandemic spread of lethal contagion

which validates Darwin’s theories,

thins the ignorant herd.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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