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Dav Rose

Narrated by Roger Netzer

Dead, at 244, the nation formerly known as the United States of America, now nameless. Of asphyxia,  in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Monday, 25 May 2020.  Ms. America expired on the stony ground where she had tried in vain to plant the deadly seed of racism, lies, and hypocrisy on the graves of the First Nations and the burning bodies of enslaved Africans.  Around her rocky bedside stood or knelt the White Supremacists who brought her into being in 1607 as an experiment in colonial living and who were present in 1776 on both sides of the war.

As the “British,” they tried twice to strangle her in its cradle and succeeded merely in becoming “American.”  As “southerners,” they lost the battle but won the war for America’s “soul,” torturing and burning for over a hundred years her “liberated” Black brothers and sisters, creating the strange fruit of the Southern and Northern trees. 

They attempted  to kill her by many means: to electrocute her in New York State in 1953, to shoot her to death in Texas in 1963 and Tennessee California in 1968, and to imprison her in DC in 1974.  In 2001 when she was buried under rubble they stood by and cheered, and they continued to do so when, under cover of “law,” they dragged her into war after war against innocents from that year on. 

Half-dead and drunk with the blood of thousands, she enslaved herself in 2016 to a psychopath who admired the Klan and Hitler, woke up and tried to use the outmoded “Constitution” to eliminate him in late 2019, but was foiled in 2020 by the same old phalanx.  As if by pure chance in March 2020 she contracted COVID-19, stayed home to nurse herself back to health, but contracted poverty instead, tried to resurrect herself in April, came under assault by gunmen in the pay of White Supremacy, in mid-May, and finally succumbed last Monday.

Ms. America lies in repose this day in every Tabernacle and Black Baptist and AME church across the land.  Cremation every night until her killers are tried and convicted by the will of the people.  Scattering of the ashes at all four coasts and mid-Pacific near the islands over the next five months.  Resurrection postponed until at least the night of 3 November 2020.

In lieu of flowers, please send Justice flowing like a river and Righteousness like a mighty stream.


Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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