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Syndic No.30 ~ July 2020 “New Orleans Jazz: Rebirth After Katrina”

In Memory of Jelly Roll Justice


AKA David Averbuck

July 4, 2020

Friend, Colleague, Attorney  ~ United Farm Workers ~ 1968/1970  ~ New Orleans DJ


“New Orleans Jazz:

First Year After Levees Broke”

by Jelly Roll Justice

“I could not put five years following the Storm into 35 minutes; indeed, I am reminded of Elie Weisel who said the hardest part of his books is editing out incidents and characters . . . ‘this was their last chance to survive after the Holocaust and now I kill them a second time.’  Each person who encountered Katrina and the failure of the levees and the aftermath deserves more than 35 minutes – but you do what you can do.”  

– Jelly Roll Justice

Play: Jelly Roll Justice    Part 1 Part 2


(Created for Syndic No.2 by Jelly Roll Justice @ WWOZ New Orleans. / Song Titles:  Ring Shout “Peace of Mind” / A Foggy Day / Just A Closer Walk With Thee / What Would Jesus Do / O Mary Don’t You Weep / Bridge Over Troubled Water / Louisana 1927 / Yes We Can / Congo Square/)




Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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