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Filmmaking: “One More River To Cross” by Glen Pearcy

 Personal Note from the Publisher

 In 1964 – thanks to Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) organizer, Marshall Ganz – I became a “friend” of SNCC in Bakersfield CA and worked with others of like mind in the community to support from afar the civil rights movement in the South. In 2011 – thanks to filmmaker Glen Pearcy and his remarkable and very historic documentary: One More River To Cross  –  I was introduced to the 1961 SNCC-sponsored:  Southwest Georgia Project. I feel privileged to present this film in Syndic No.6, and as a former teacher, I submit this film should be required viewing for students everywhere.  — LeRoy Chatfield



“One More River To Cross”


by Glen Pearcy







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Glen Pearcy was nominated for an Academy Award in 1975 for his third film, “Fighting For Our Lives”, a feature-length documentary film about the United Farm Worker’s grape strike. Since then he has written, produced and directed dozens of films, including documentaries for PBS and Turner Network Television; films and video programs for labor unions, consumer organizations, environmental groups, government agencies and political organizations; and television and radio spots for public interest groups, foundations, political candidates and commercial clients.


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