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Letter from the Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to Syndic No.3 / March 1, 2011.

This issue contains 34 chapters devoted to the multimedia presentation of talented authors/artists – 15 new and 19 returning. (Syndic No. 1 contained 24 chapters, and No.2 had 36.)

For this issue, I have opened up two new sections: (1) “Opinion/Commentary” and (2) “Letters to the Publisher”. To prime the pump for the “Opinion/Commentary”, Dennis Renault has written: “Birth of a Cartoon: The Nation of Islam and The Sacramento Bee”; and I weigh in with: “Our Country’s Social Injustice”. “Letters to the Publisher” kicks off with a letter from a Canadian reader about Richard Cook’s Shakespeare piece, and a letter from Richard Cook about Dick Meister’s piece: ” Profile: Ernesto Galarza”.

The publishing schedule for the rest of 2011 is: Syndic No.4 / June 1, 2011 (submission deadline: May 15) and Syndic No.5 / October 1, 2011 (submission deadline: September 15).

I encourage and welcome submissions of literature, images, and multimedia from authors/artists of all stripes. I would like to receive more submissions for: music performance, the spoken/dramatic word, and artwork. These can be audio-only (mp3 format) or videos (YouTube or other formats) and digital images.

All submissions should be sent to: [email protected] (Early submissions are highly recommended)

To send a letter to the publisher, email: [email protected]

For a free online subscription (no registration required), please email: [email protected]

I hope you enjoy Syndic No.3 even half-as-much as I enjoyed working with the authors/artists to compile these submissions and create the presentations to showcase their work.

Have a nice Friday.

LeRoy Chatfield / Publisher


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