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Haiga by Elaine & Neal Whitman

Point Arena Haibun and Five Haiga

by Elaine & Neal Whitman

The two of us were “Mr and Mrs. November” for the Third Thursday Poetry Series in Point Arena, California. We made the 6-hour road trip north on Highway One and stayed the night before our recital in the Keeper’s Room at the Point Arena Lighthouse. Dinner at the Arena Cove Bar & Grill. We arrived at the Old City Art Building on Main Street and got right to it. At the end, Q & A.

“Are those real poems,
or ones you wrote yourself?”

twists and turns
hugging the rugged coastline

Fresnel lighthouse lens —
prism’s reflections reveal
a sea captain’s ghost

crusty shoreline
standing on the outer edge
a stone’s throw to China

sentries old —
cedar trees dark and tall
guard the water towers

closing the shade
dusky twilight brings an end
to conversation

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