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Bios for Authors/Artists Syndic No.3

Bios for Authors/Artists Syndic No.3

Victor Aleman is a multi-media artist. As a photographer he documents the human conditions that he encounters, and worked as the official photographer of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers (1980-1990). (e-mail) [email protected] (website)

Terence Cannon was a SNCC Field Secretary, editor of “THE MOVEMENT”  and anti-war leader in the Sixties, a journalist in the Seventies, a college teacher in the Eighties, and a fiction writer ever since. He lives in Santa Monica.

LeRoy Chatfield, publisher of Syndic Literary Journal, lives in Sacramento CA. In recent years he has published “Farmworker Movement Documentation Project”(; “Easy Essays” & “Dialogue” (

Richard Baldwin Cook lives in Baltimore County, MD and can be reached at

Don Edwards lives in Ajijic, Mexico on Lake Chapala near Guadalajara. He writes fiction, some published monthly for the Chapala Review.

Leslie Edwards is a translator and writer living in Ajijic, Mexico.

Elaine Elinson worked as a reporter in the Philippines and is the coauthor of “Development Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines,” which was banned by the Marcos regime. Her latest book, “Wherever There’s a Fight” won a Gold Medal in the 2010 California Book Awards.

Sarah Flanagan lives in Arlington, Massachusetts with her husband and four children. She cooks, she cleans, she drives, she yells . . . and every once in a while, she completes a thought and writes it down. She is usually thinking about food.

Larry Francis is a retired teacher who has lived in Southern Oregon for most of the past thirty-some years. Larry got his first taste of teaching at the Hulega School with Gordon Williamson in Delano in the early 1970s and work with and for LeRoy Chatfield on the No on 22 campaign and a few others.

Chris Giovacchini is a landscape gardener and designer in Sonoma, Ca. In 2003 he was given the “Poet as Community Leader Award” for extraordinary contribution in supporting poetry in Sonoma. He has a few self-published chapbooks. Contact: [email protected]

Gene Gordon is president of the Rossmoor Shakespeare Society in a large California retirement community. In 1986 he walked across the United States reading (with a partner) all 37 Shakespeare plays out loud.

Charles Haddox lives in El Paso, Texas. His fiction and essays have appeared in a number of journals including the 322 Review, The Summerset Review, Switchback and Paradigm.

Ronald Isetti who earned his doctorate in American and Asian history at Berkeley, is an emeritus professor of Saint Mary’s College of California. He spends his retirement in Palm Springs writing historical essays and books.

Jerry Kay has worked as a farm labor organizer, organic farmer, natural feed store owner and radio music show host. He lives in Santa Cruz CA and is currently co-producing a documentary on the legendary Ash Grove roots music of LA.

John A, Kouns grew up in San Jose, California and became a U.S. Navy photographer during the Korean War and later worked for a time with United Press International in San Francisco. Mr. Kouns freelanced for 30 years for food, and photographed the Civil Rights Movement and the Farmworker Movement for the soul.

Bernard LeRoy lives and paints in San Jose CA. Through the creative process, LeRoy focuses on people and his environment to explore the meeting place between what he sees and how he experiences it.

Anna Sophie Loewenberg, a graduate of U.C. Santa Cruz, is a Beijing filmmaker and the producer of  a video series  entitled, “Sexy Beijing”.

Eileen McNamara is an artist/designer living in Arlington, Massachusetts.  While raising her three children, she volunteers and teaches art in her community.

Dick Meister, former Labor Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, is co-author of “A Long Time Coming: The Struggle to Unionize America’s Farm Workers” (Macmillan).

Deborah Miller, community organizer and poet, lives in Modesto, CA. Her essay was first published in the Farmworker Movement Documentation Project.

John Moore, is a retired United Methodist pastor with wide ranging experience at Glide Church, San Francisco, and as campus minister and a district superintendent. In retirement he was the director of a residence for terminally ill AIDS men, and active with Loaves & Fishes, Sacramento, serving men and women who live on the margins and advocating for them.

Kate Mullikin is a public middle school English and art teacher, also an artist, writer and singer. She lives and works in Santa Cruz, Ca., and encourages her students to think, not parrot, and to make the world a better place through art, poetry and positive, creative actions.

Gilbert Ortiz lives in Los Angeles, Calif. He works as a freelance photographer and consults on various art projects.

Dariusz Pacak, living in Vienna-Austria, poet /member of several literary & arts associations & traveller, has visited 47 countries. Translated in eight languages & widely published, he is an active ambassador for poetry between East and West in his search for truth and meaning through culture’s interior-readings in Poland, China, Taiwan, Austria, Korea, USA, Mongolia, Sweden, Czech Republic..

Glen Pearcy was nominated for an Academy Award in 1975 for his third film, “Fighting For Our Lives”, a feature-length documentary film about the United Farm Worker’s grape strike. Since then he has written, produced and directed dozens of films, including documentaries for PBS and Turner Network Television; films and video programs for labor unions, consumer organizations, environmental groups, government agencies and political organizations; and television and radio spots for public interest groups, foundations, political candidates and commercial clients.

Dennis Renault grew up on a ranch in Monterey County where he attended Salinas High and developed an interest in cartooning, receiving encouragement from Gus Arriola (creator of “Gordo”), Eldon Deini (New Yorker and Playboy Magazines) and Hank Ketcham (“Dennis the Menace”). Following graduation from UCLA, his freelance magazine work appeared in Frontier Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Look and many other periodicals before he was hired in 1971 as McClatchy Newspapers’ political cartoonist in Sacramento, CA, where he drew five cartoons a week until retirement in 1997.

Alfredo Santos c/s was born in Stockton, California and grew up in Uvalde, Texas. He is the editor and publisher of La Voz Newspapers and lives in Austin, Texas.

Paul Sequeira was a Chicago-based photojournalist and free lance documentarian for more than twenty years – late 60s to early 90s. Now retired in Pioneer in his home state of California, Paul is publishing his extensive portfolio to make it accessible to the interested public.

Catherine Sevenau resides in Sonoma, California. She’s written a family memoir, six books on her family genealogy, and entered 3,000 ancestors on So many dead, so little time. Her books will be on-line, the first is at:

Jennifer Szabo is a professional web developer who enjoys pursuing photography and object manipulation such as hula hooping, especially when she can combine the two. To learn more about Szabo’s hula hooping endeavors:

Bob Van Noy is a commercial architectural photographer who lives and works in Sacramento, California. Recently he has been photographing every day objects for display.

Sheila Van Noy lives in Northern California. She is a world traveler who is intrigued with the rest of the world and has images from six continents.

Elaine Whitman is a collage artist, photographer, and haiku poet. She also plays the Native American flute for hospice patients and their families.

Neal Whitman lives in Pacific Grove, California, and in nearby Carmel is a volunteer docent at poet Robinson Jeffers Tor House. He splits his time between Western form and haiku poetry.


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