Syndic No.3
Syndic Literary Journal

Art by Bernard LeRoy

Three Portraits

by Bernard LeRoy

Bernard LeRoy writes:

” As I worked on “Warrior’s Vision” an emerging disturbance rose up in me; it was if I was witnessing him as he saw that all his warrior skill and courage could not stop the onslaught of the white man.”

"WARRIOR'S VISION" / Charcoal on paper / 18 x 26

“In viewing the works of Delacroix and Rodin I was touched by the lasting feeling of their strength: Delacroix in color and subject, Rodin in the power he infused in his sculptures.”

"EUGENE DELACROIX" / Pastel on canson paper / 18 x 26

"AUGUSTE RODIN" / Charcoal on paper / 18 x 26

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