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Note From The Publisher

Poets have the ability – rather I should say the gift – to be able in a few words to cut to the heart of the subject  ~ in this case, the Pandemic Virus that has gripped our planet. In my judgment, poet Chris Giovacchini has accomplished this feat.  His piece is very short, I recommend you listen/read it several times and then one last time to see if you agree with me.   –   LeRoy Chatfield, Publisher


End of Days

By Chris Giovacchini



A Storm, perfect, a fishing
Boat in impossible seas.

People loading guns,
Preparing their SUV’s,

It was a society brought
To its knees, not praying,

A global economy gone tilt,
Silver balls and bumpers silent.

Information wildfire
Spread amongst friends,

Sterilized selves, out of reach,
Wandering souls, frozen comet tails,

In isolation, on hold,
Medieval norms,
11 th century protocols,

It would worsen, the
Apocalypse, this end of days,

Living in the moment,
Everyone became a Sadhu,

Whales hummed and whistled,
Dolphins crackled, jingling their
pocket change

At mini-skirted humankind, in stiletto heels,
A street walker, standing on the corner,
Whose only John, the Revelation thereof …


© Chris D. Giovacchini  3/20





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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