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Syndic No. 22 Cover ~ Easy Essays No. 1

Syndic No.22


November 2019


Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Easy Essays No. 1


Mendocino Headlands ~ Photo by LeRoy Chatfield


LeRoy Chatfield writes . . .


For more than 25-years, I have been writing what I call Easy Essays. I borrowed this title from Peter Maurin, who with Dorothy Day founded the Catholic Worker House of Hospitality in New York City in 1933, the year before I was born. The Easy Essays of Peter Maurin, – written in verse and always about social justice – were published in the Catholic Worker Newspaper.    My version of Easy Essays is unpretentious and uses everyday words. Some are about social justice but many others are about leaving home at age 14,  living in monastic religious life, working with Cesar Chavez and his farmworker movement, many years of working with the homeless and hungry and finally about people I have met, growing old, and things I wonder, worry and fuss about.

 I have no explanation why I write them or who I think might be interested in reading these Easy Essays . . . I just write them!  All totaled, the number of  essays is well over 200, including several dozen still in the making. Having reached old age – 85-years  August 2019 –  I have decided to publish some of them online.

Perhaps it will encourage some of you to create your own version of Easy Essays.

Have a nice Friday!

A Dope Fiend, But Not A Liar

Gene Is Dead

Camino de Santiago

David, My Homeless Mentor

Sexual Relations








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