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Interview/Discussion: Peter Broderick – Digital Era Film/Book Distribution

Interview/Discussion: Peter Broderick

PETER BRODERICK / President, Paradigm Consulting


“Independent filmmakers now have unprecedented opportunities. Digital production is shifting the balance of power from financiers to filmmakers. Filmmakers who can make movies digitally at lower budgets are no longer wholly dependent on financiers for the resources and permission to make their films. Likewise, new distribution models are not longer wholly dependent on a traditional distribution system that has been failing them. Powerful digital distribution tools – the DVD, digital projectors and the Internet – are empowering independents to increasingly take their fate in their own hands and have a more direct relationship with their audiences. By effectively using these tools, filmmaker will be able to not only maximize the distribution opportunities for their current films, but also find investors for subsequent project designed to reach core audiences. These tools will also enable them to build and nurture a personal audience, which could ensure a long and fulfilling career.”  – Peter Broderick

Interview of Peter Broderick by David Wilk (25 minutes)

Articles by Peter Broderick

“Welcome To The New World of Distribution”

“Declaration of Independence: The Ten Principles of Hybrid Distribution”


(Interview courtesy of Writerscast – Publishing Talks: David Wilk Interviews Peter Broderick – )

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