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Bios for Authors/Artists Syndic No.2

Bios for Authors/Artists Syndic No.2

 Victor Aleman is multimedia artist. As a photographer he documents the human conditions that he encounters, and worked as the official photographer of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers (1980-1990). He is also the founder of and

Peter Broderick is president of Paradigm Consulting and works with independent filmmakers to design hybrid marketing strategies to finance and promote their films. For more information:

Terence Cannon was a SNCC Field Secretary, editor of “THE MOVEMENT”  and anti-war leader in the Sixties, a journalist in the Seventies, a college teacher in the Eighties, and a fiction writer ever since. He lives in Santa Monica.

LeRoy Chatfield, publisher of Syndic Literary Journal, lives in Sacramento CA. In recent years he has published “Farmworker Movement Documentation Project”(; “Easy Essays” & “Dialogue” (

Richard Baldwin Cook lives in Baltimore County, MD and can be reached at [email protected]

Don Edwards lives in Ajijic, Mexico on Lake Chapala near Guadalajara. He writes fiction, some published monthly for the Chapala Review.

Elaine Elinson worked as a reporter in the Philippines and is the coauthor of “Development Debacle:  The World Bank in the Philippines,” which was banned by the Marcos regime.  Her latest book, “Wherever There’s a Fight” won a Gold Medal in the 2010 California Book Awards.

R. Gerry Fabian is editor of Raw Dog Press. His poetry has appeared in various publications throughout the United States.

Richard Falcon, founder of Teatro Nagual, is an IT professional by day, a director of musical theatre by night.  He plans to produce and direct a five city California tour in 2011 of his labor of love musical: “Let The Eagle Fly” – the story of Cesar Chavez and his farmworker movement.

Sarah Flanagan lives in Arlington, Massachusetts with her husband and four children. She cooks, she cleans, she drives, she yells . . . and every once in a while, she completes a thought and writes it down. She is usually thinking about food.

Daniel Fernandez is a former Ringling Brothers clown who is currently performing throughout California as “The Amazing Jeff”.  He is based in Fresno, California.

Larry Francis is a retired teacher who has lived in Southern Oregon for most of the past thirty-some years. Larry got his first taste of teaching at the Hulega School with Gordon Williamson in Delano in the early 1970s and work with and for LeRoy Chatfield on the No on 22 campaign and a few others.

Constance Goddard has left the high peaks and alpine gentians of Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain, to return to the crashing waves and brilliant poppies of the Mendocino Coast, where she continues to draw native flora, observing similarities in adaptation between plants of windswept coastal bluffs and those of the alpine tundra.

Rafael Jesús González, Prof. Emeritus of Creative Writing & Literature, Laney College, Oakland where he founded the Mexican & Latin American Studies Dept., Poet in residence at Oakland Museum of California and Oakland Public Library on award from Poets & Writers 1996, he has thrice been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and was honored by the National Council of Teachers of English for his writing 2003. Widely published, his La musa lunática/The Lunatic Muse was published in 2009.

Charles Haddox lives in El Paso, Texas. His fiction and essays have appeared in a number of journals including 322 Review, The Summerset Review, Switchback and Paradigm.

Jelly Roll Justice lives with his wife Patti in New Orleans where he broadcasts “Jazz from the French Market” on Thursdays from 4 to 7 p.m. CST on the community supported Jazz and Heritage Station WWOZ-FM (that can be streamed on  If you want to help the music of New Orleans, either donate to at their website or contact Jelly Roll at [email protected] and get his suggestions for excellent non-profits that use donations for musicians wisely.

Jerry Kay has worked as a farm labor organizer, organic farmer, natural feed store owner and radio music show host. He lives in Santa Cruz CA and is currently co-producing a documentary on the legendary Ash Grove roots musicnightclub of LA.

Carlos LeGerrette former assistant to Cesar Chavez, is the architect of the rapidly growing Cesar Chavez Service Clubs, a youth leadership development organization inspiring young kids to believe in themselves and to know that they can make a difference.  He and his wife of forty-four years, Linda, have a daughter, Tonantzin, and two grandchildren, Natalie and Joe-Carlos, and reside in San Diego with their two dogs, Maggie and YoYo.

Bernard LeRoy lives and paints in San Jose CA. Through the creative process, Bernard focuses on people and his environment to explore the meeting place between what he sees and how he experiences it.

Judy LewLoose is a watercolor pointillism painter for the homeless, and is creating a new technique and art movement for watercolors.

Marco Lopez  was raised in Bakersfield, California and as a student was a UFW boycotter, primarily in Los Angeles. After graduating from Boalt Hall Law school in 1975, he returned to the UFW and in 1978 was asked by Cesar Chavez to serve as the Union’s general counsel.

Jorge Mariscál teaches Chicano and Spanish studies at the University of California, San Diego. His latest book is “Brown-Eyed Children of the Sun: Lessons from the Chicano Movement” (University of New Mexico Press, 2005).

Dick Meister, former Labor Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, is co-author of  “A Long Time Coming: The Struggle to Unionize America’s Farm Workers” (Macmillan).

Deborah Miller is a community organizer and poet who lives in Modesto, CA.

Barbara Moore (1922-2004) “A Strange Thing Happened On The Way To Church: The Life and Times of Barbara Moore” was edited and published posthomously by her husband, John Moore, in 2007. Her last words in the book: “How come all of this has happened to me? It’s fiction and it hasn’t really happened . . . has it? Still, it is good, God. Good, ridiculous, tragic, hilarious, foolish, magnificent.”

Cathy Murphy has been documenting the lives of people and the places they liveand work with her cameras for more than 40 years. In 1975 she left her job at the Santa Barbara News and Review and her studies at Brooks Institute of Photography to march with Cesar Chavez, president of the United Farm Workers, as he led The Thousand Mile March from the U.S./Mexican border to Sacramento.

Gilbert Ortiz lives in Los Angeles, Calif. He works as a freelance photographer and consults on various art projects.

Nicholas Pavloff grew up in Northern California exposed to the western landscape. He was inspired by the photographs of Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, and Edward and Brett Weston and the films of John Ford.

Charles Rammelkamp  lives in Baltimore, Maryland.  He edits the online journal, The Potomac,

Dennis Renault grew up on a ranch in Monterey County where he attended Salinas High and developed an interest in cartooning, receiving encouragement from Gus Arriola (creator of “Gordo”), Eldon Deini (New Yorker and Playboy Magazines) and Hank Ketcham (“Dennis the Menace”).  Following graduation from UCLA, his freelance magazine work appeared in Frontier Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Look and many other periodicals before he was hired in 1971 as McClatchy Newspapers’ political cartoonist in Sacramento, CA, where he drew five cartoons a week until retirement in 1997.

Terry Scott lives in Hermosa Beach, California.  Her current passions are photography, songwriting, and traveling.

Paul Sequeira was a Chicago-based photojournalist and free lance documentarian for more than twenty years – late 60s to early 90s. Now retired in Pioneer in his home state of California, Paul is publishing his extensive portfolio to make it accessible to the interested public.

Jennifer Szabo  is a professional web developer who has been proud to work with the Farmworker Movement Documentation Project from it’s beginning.  She is also an amateur juggler and photographer.

Bob Thompson is an Art and Design student at Sacramento City College and enjoys every day that he can work at sharpening his edge.  He previously worked as a community organizer, union organizer, and labor lawyer.

Elaine Whitman  is a collage artist, photographer, and haiku poet. She also plays the Native American flute for hospice patients and their families.

Neal Whitman lives in Pacific Grove, California, and in nearby Carmel is a volunteer docent at poet Robinson Jeffers Tor House. He splits his time between Western form and haiku poetry.

Andy Zermeno, a graduate of the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design, has been a graphic artist for more than fifty years and worked many years as a project engineer for Hughes Aircraft. Zermeno resides in Tarzana with his wife, Anita, the proud father of Claire, Andrea and Gregory.


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