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Letter From The Publisher by LeRoy Chatfield

Dictator Donald Trump / Portrait by Allen Forrest



Letter From The Publisher


I give up! For more than a year  – 17 months to be exact – I have dutifully referred to Trump as “President Trump.” No more!  Ripping immigrant children  from the arms of their parents, incarcerating them in cages in detention centers in order to use them as political hostages is beyond cruel!  It is a crime against humanity and needs to be resisted at every level of society. My camel’s back is broken, from this point forward I address Trump as “Dictator Trump”.

I chose “Resistance!” as the theme for Syndic No.19 because I realized early on our Dictator’s love of fascism, his insane desire to enrich himself and his family at taxpayers expense, his overt racism and penchant to demonize those who oppose his racist policies. What I did not anticipate was his laziness as the so-called leader of the free world –   120 days playing golf to market his golf courses at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to taxpayers.  Nor did I predict his utter boorishness as a 72-year-old  so called business man. 

Syndic No. 19 is only one drop in the ocean of  resistance that grows each day to remove this dictator from our constitutional democracy.  Buckle up your seat belts as we make our descent into chaos. Enjoy the ride! 


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