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Letter from the Publisher by LeRoy Chatfield


GUITAR FACE by J. Petway / In 1998, I purchased this guitar face from a homeless artist who told me he created this work by using a broken coke bottle as a magnifying glass and the heat generated by the rays of the sun to burn the image onto to the guitar face. Artist uses nature to create art! – LeRoy Chatfield

Letter from the Publisher

by LeRoy Chatfield

Welcome to Syndic No.11!

Please welcome 9 new authors/artists published for the first time in Syndic, which brings our total to 147 authors/artists published in the first 11 issues. No. 11 also includes the Japanese poet TAKI Yuriko and the Romanian poet Elena Liliana Popescu reading poetry in their native language.

Syndic is alive and well and plans to publish at least three more issues – December 2014 / June 2015 / December 2015. Hope you can make it!  Space is limited, early submissions are highly recommended.

Beginning with this issue I have included a chapter entitled: “Publisher’s Favorites” and in each succeeding issue, I will select 3 of my personal favorites for republication.

To help offset  publishing costs, I have included a DONATE link for those of you who wish to make a contribution.

Thank you!


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