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Letter from the Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

Syndic No.1 is a revival of Syndic, a San Francisco-based literary journal I published in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Fifty years later, my purpose remains the same: provide a publishing platform to showcase the talents of interesting, thoughtful and creative people.

Publishing such a journal requires (1) compilation,(2) presentation and (3) distribution. I am awash with material to publish, it seems to find its way naturally to my doorstep; I struggle and work diligently – trial and error, trial and error – to create appropriate presentation until I am mostly satisfied, but distribution is my weakness!

I offer no solution. I will continue to compile and publish and leave to others – journal contributors, readers, friends and colleagues – the duty to distribute Syndic No.1 through their own internet networks and beyond. Let’s hope for the best!

Syndic No.1 would not be possible without the assistance of my gifted whiz-bang tech, Jennifer Szabo, who held my hand and guided me through the online publishing process. Ms. Szabo is a dedicated foe of website clutter and  possesses a keen eye for pleasing design. I am very much indebted to her.

My special thanks to the contributing authors and artists who signed on for this one-way launch into cyberspace – it is their work that makes this journal possible.   I look forward to working with them again, but also publishing the work of those I have not yet met.

The next issue, Syndic No.2, is scheduled for November 2010. I invite your participation. Submissions must be received by October 15, 2010. Please email to: [email protected]

Publishing Syndic No.1 is a Red Tamale Day for me.

Have a nice Friday,

LeRoy Chatfield
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