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“The Art of the Spoken Word”


Dedicated With Gratitude To the Syndic Volunteer Narrators


Letter from the Publisher

Eight years ago, I came to the realization that publishing text only was short changing the Syndic audience.

The published written word lying on the Syndic page was passive, without emotion or interpretation, and completely dependent upon the reader to give it life.

I came to understand that narration is an integral part of the published word and so I required that all future submissions to Syndic Literary Journal must include a narration.

Easier said than done!

The reality is that many poets and authors are intimidated and cannot bear to hear their own recorded voice. I understood  this hesitation and even count myself at best, a marginal narrator.

Still, I was convinced that everything written for Syndic needed to be narrated.

Little by little, I began to build a “literary stable” of narrators who volunteered to  complete the online Syndic  publication process for those who could not narrate.

I dedicate – and express my heartfelt thanks –  to these Narrators who have been so generous with their time and talent by helping me  upgrade Syndic to include “The Art of the Spoken Word” in its presentation.

Thank you!

~ LeRoy Chatfield Publisher


Narrator Bill Wolak

It’s Dangerous Not to Love


Narrator Stanley H. Barkan



Narrator Charles Rammelkamp

Ground Zero


Narrator Tony Dawson




Narrator Roger Netzer

Berlin Revisited


Narrator Paul Churchill Mann

Thousand of Voices


Narrator Kristine Doll

Dear John

(Written by Paul M. Levitt)

Narrator Alison Morse



Narrator Neal Howe ~ Syndic’s  Newest  Narrator

The Old Dog ~ Ukrainian Folk Tale






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