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Dedicated With Gratitude To the Syndic Volunteer Narrators

Introduction by the Publisher

On May 15, 2022, I published a Syndic issue entitled: “Dedicated With Gratitude To the Syndic Volunteer Narrators”.

I published their names along with one of their more recent Syndic narrations.

It turns out this particular publication was well received by the Syndic audience at home and abroad, which of course, was most gratifying, but at the same time I felt something was missing.

Finally, like a dog working a bone, I figured it out –  more than 18  other volunteer Syndic  narrators had been left out, were  unnamed, and an example of their narration was not featured.   

The narrators I had chosen to feature were only the most recent Syndic narrators who were close at hand and readily available.

The Syndic narrators  I left out were those who participated a few years ago in  a Syndic Memorial for  Lawrence Ferlinghetti, which included narrating 115 of his poems.

To set the Syndic record straight,  I have now chosen to reach back into the Syndic archives and devote PART 2  to publishing the names of these 18  volunteer Syndic narrators and showcase one of  their narrations.

I have also re-titled the Syndic May 15 publication as PART 1. to alert any new readers to this correction.

My apologies, thank you for your understanding. ~ LeRoy Chatfield Publisher Syndic Literary Journal


Poems Written by San Francisco  Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti,


Narrated by Syndic Volunteers


History of the Airplane

by Clarinda Harriss


The Changing Light

by Chris Giovacchini



by Betsy Miller



by Francis Poole


Sometime During Eternity

by Jennifer Lagier


Constantly Risking Absurdity

by Jim Gwyn


Retired Ballerinas

by Gary Beck


To the Oracle at Delphi

by Jennifer Juneau


Coney Island

by Dorritt Carroll



Francine Witte


The Old Italians Dying

by Dov Rose


Sandanista Avioncitos

by Gerardo Vazquez


Allen Ginsburg Dying

by Nitin Jagdish


The Plough of Time

by Katie Touhy


Wild Dreams of a New Beginning

by Rachel Isler


Coney Island of Golden Gate Park

by Helen Bar-Lev


City Lights ~ A Tribute

By B. Amore


Constantly Risking Absurdity

by Silvia Kofler










Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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