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By New York Poet, Gary Beck



Russian aggression 

has transformed the Ukraine 

to a Western nation 

as a result of 

a brutal invasion. 

Sudden concern 

for former Slavs 

has some fools 

urging intervention 

on behalf of a victim state, 

not understanding 

the dangerous threat 

of weapons of mass destruction 

should deter rash action 

and let us use reason, 

not violence 

to peacefully resolve 

an international crime. 



An innocent nation 

is brutally invaded 

by a powerful neighbor, 

smashing the illusion 

that Europe is stable. 

Just like aggressors past 

exercising power 

through conquest, 

Russia launches attacks 

throughout the Ukraine, 

blazing a path of destruction, 

nuclear power plants 

dangerously disrupted, 

an accident away 

from devastation, 

a volatile casualty 

as sovereignty crumbles. 


Naked Aggression

Naked Aggression 

The unprovoked attack 

on helpless Ukraine 

kills innocent civilians 

as invading Russians 

devastate the land. 

Motivation is questionable, 

revive the lost empire, 

capture the food source, 

exercise power, 

intimidate neighbors. 

Whatever the reason 

the threat is constant 

for unexpected escalation 

that might erupt 

into nuclear exchange. 


Dangerous Eruption


Dangerous Eruption 

Another war rages 

on a troubled planet, 

this time in Europe 

which has known peace 

for many years, 

battle erupting 

and distressing the West 

that blithely accepts combat 

in Africa, the Mid East, 

with only pro forma outrage 

as long as it’s far away. 

When a neighbor is invaded 

this disrupts the status quo 

of nearby nations 

with fragile sovereignty 

afraid if one is conquered 

they may be next. 




Legislators demand 

action against Russia 

to punish them 

for the invasion of Ukraine, 

invoking genocide, 

war crimes, brutality, 

violation of human rights, 

with U.S. intervention. 

Retired Generals 

mostly forgotten 

until media trots them out 

to talk about war somewhere. 

Fortunately, most of them 

are practical realists 

and remind viewers 

Russia is armed 

with thousands of nukes 

and we can’t go charging in 

no matter how just the cause, 

to risk nuclear conflict. 


Contrasts II

 Contrasts II 

The war in the Ukraine 

          rages on, 

artillery, missiles 

bombarding the cities. 

In the good old U.S.A. 

We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, 

         no one bombs us, 

as our legislators demand 

we stop the big, bad Russians, 

while our retired Generals 

warn us about threats of World War III 

                     if we intervene 

and establish a no fly zone 

to protect the Ukraine 

that will surely lead 

to air to air combat 

between usn’s and themun’s, 

with the terrifying chance 

of nuclear escalation. 





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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