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Syndic Narrations Cloudburst ~ A Lawrence Ferlinghetti Sampler

A Lawrence Ferlinghetti Sampler

Courtesy of Syndic Literary Journal Narrators


Populist Manifesto (Stanley H. Barkan)

History of the Airplane (Clarinda Harriss)

Ferlinghetti No.8 (Francine Witte)

Plough of Time ( Katie Tuohy)


Wild Dreams of a New Beginning (Rachel Eisler)

Coney Island of the Mind No.20 (Doritt Carroll)

To the Oracle at Delphi (Jennifer Juneau)

The Old Italians Dying (Dov Rose)

The Green Street Mortuary Marching Band (Charles Rammelkamp)

Deep Chess (Nitin Jagdish)

Uses of Poetry (Stanley Barkan)

Come Lie With Me (Kristine Doll)

The General Song of Humanity (Tony Dawson)

John Lennon in the Porto Santo Stefano (Bill Wolak)

The Poet’s Eye Obscenely Seeing (Charles Rammelkamp)

Third World Calling (Jennifer Lagier)


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Seas and Shores

Written, Narrated and Produced by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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Seas amd Shores




















Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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