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Syndic Library Narrations ~ Stanley H. Barkan (2)

Syndic Narrations ~ The Art of the Spoken Word


Published by LeRoy Chatfield


Brooklyn Poems

Written & Narrated by Stanley H. Barkan


A Singer Character

A Winter’s Tale

Beyond the Edge of Things

Brighton Beach Vignette


Fuad’s Feast



On the Milkboxes


The Trees of My Childhood

The Watermelon Cart

To a Brooklyn Poet

Two Grandmas

Under the Williamsburg Bridge

Why My Wife Likes Westerns

Woman of Manhattan

Words My Father Left Me

Brief Bio

Stanley H. Barkan ~  Poet/Publisher/Translator/Editor

Founder of Cross-Cultural Communications

& World Class Narrator for Syndic Literary Journal.

 New York


Note from the Publisher

Stanley H. Barkan was born and raised in his beloved Brooklyn. 

At my request he was kind enough  to select and narrate his “Brooklyn Poems”

for this special issue of  “Syndic Narrations ~ the Art of the Spoken Word”.

Syndic Literary Journal has been publishing Stan’s Poems & Narrations

since June 2011. 

Stan is a friend, a mentor,  and one of the literary pillars of Syndic.

Thank you, Stan!  You are a literary treasure.





Compiled/Published by LeRoy Chatfield
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